Functional Resumes

Functional resumes are mainly used if you have imperfect work experience, or if you are wanting to change your current industry. This form should be used if you have periods of unemployment because this will make your work experience seem more appealing to hiring managers.

Structure of Function Resume

1. Contact Information

This will include your name, phone number, email, and address. Your name should be the largest text on the page (20-24pt font)

2. Qualifications Summary

This section should include 4-5 examples of your most relevant achievements. This will take emphasis off the dates and put more emphasis on your experience.

3. Relevant Skills

These skills are more important than their work history. This will place emphasis on your skills which will also be more appealing to hiring managers.

4. Professional Experience/Relevant Work Histry

Dates are optional for your professional experience. If there are legitimate reasons for being unemployed like being a full-time student or doing an independent study, list these in your experience section.

5. Education if not listed above

This format again is best if you have long periods of unemployment. This will truly feature your qualifications and skills to hiring managers.

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