SkinRejuv502 Facial

This past weekend I went to SkinRejuv502 to get a facial, and first off, it was hands down AMAZING! I had such a relaxing time, and my skin has never looked better. I could tell a huge difference after getting this facial. 

Sarah is the owner of SkinRejuv502 and she first started the facial with Dermaplaning. I had never done dermaplaning and honestly expected it hurt, but it was not at all! Sarah explained everything she was doing too so there was nothing unexpected to come while she was doing it. She started at my forehead and worked her way down. As soon as she finished my forehead, I could already tell a huge difference in the feeling of my skin because it felt so smooth and soft!

After dermaplaning, Sarah did a little microdermabrasion around my nose, mouth, and chin. Microdermabrasion is used to resurface the skin and help with the overall appearance of the skin. This can help with uneven skin tone and texture, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and black heads. I hate black heads and struggle with this around my chin area. After having this done, I could tell the amount of blackheads in the area tremendously decreased!

We then moved on to doing a hydro jelly face mask, and this was the coolest face mask I've ever done in my life. She chose to do an antioxidant mask to help pull out anything that was left in my skin and also help moisturize it. When she applied it, it was very cool and was perfect after having the dermaplaning and microdermabrasion done. This mask did go over my eyes and mouth, which was something I've never done before but ended up feeling great! This mask was very relaxing, and after leaving on for 15 minutes, she removed it. The mask had turned into a jelly consistency and she peeled off in one piece! Again, it was so cool!

I highly recommend trying out SkinRejuv502 for your next facial! It was so relaxing, and I could tell a huge difference in the appearance and feeling of my skin after! These facials are also very affordable; Dermaplaning only starts out at $55, which is very affordable compared to other places. Definitely go check out Sarah at SkinRejuv502!!