Skintution Ox Facial

Happy Saturday!!

I recently went to Skintuition in Louisville, KY to get an Oxygen Facial Treatment and it was absolutely amazing! This facial improves your overall skin and can help with skin concerns like acne, rosacea, and sun-damaged skin. There is also a skin lightening agent that helps improve scares and post inflammatory pigmentation from acne while also increasing your skin's function.

About my Skin: I have pretty normal skin to combination skin. My main skin concerns are redness around my cheeks, and fine lines. I do not have acne prone skin, but I do get those occasional breakout.

When I first arrived, Susan at Skintuition had me fill out information about my health and asking me if I have. any skin concerns. She first begun the treatment by taking a photo of my skin before the treatment and then cleansing my face.

She was very gentle throughout the process and made the whole facial very relaxing and enjoyable. She then put a chocolate enzyme mask on to remove any dead skin, which smelled AMAZING! It literally smelled like she was putting chocolate brownie batter on my face; again it was AMAZING!!! After she applied the mask, she wrapped my face with hot towels and massaged my scalp and shoulders (again, it was all AMAZING). 

After the chocolate enzyme mask, she then applied the Oxygen treatment. This was more of a foamy substance that she massaged into my skin and occasionally sprayed with neutralizers. After the Oxygen treatment was removed, she applied moisturizer. She then took the after photo to compare and show my new, glowy skin. 

The process took about an hour. I've had a lot of stress throughout the past few weeks, and this was the perfect way to relax while helping with some of my skin concerns. This treatment would be absolutely perfect before an event because your skin is glowing and so smooth!